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any girls wanna do this ;)

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where are the notes this is beautiful

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This is amazing

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I get way too sensitive when I get attached to someone. I can detect the slightest change in the tone of their voice, and suddenly I’m spending all day trying to figure out what I did wrong. Humans of New York - Amman, Jordan (via 5000letters)

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I wish you were in this room with me right now. I wish I could put my arms around you. I wish I could touch you. Her, (2013)

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tbh i just need a hug

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I remember the first time you held my hand. I don’t know if it was because of the cold or the fact I loved you but fuck, I felt the world rush through my veins. 11:49pm sadness (via keinekraftzumleben)

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I need a hug or 6 shots of vodka

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velma on the streets but daphne in the sheets

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we all have a favorite eyebrow

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